Orc is a DIY project by artist Alexandra Nemaric. Orc aims to expand drawing to overlooked spaces for expression, poetry and beauty. These drawings reflect personal experiences and feelings through imagination, escapism and poetic ambition.

New tshirts / drawings will be dropped each month. Next drop 01/04/2021 5pm.

Custom Orders

For a custom order, international shipping or any other enquiries please email alexandranemaric@gmail.com

Looking after your shirt

Hand drawn items drawings are permanent but will fade over time. I recommend a cold hand wash to look after your shirt. Do not wash in warm / hot water. Minimise washes. 

Mutual Aid

Where possible the artist will donate 5% of profits each month for Mutual Aid focusing on Climate Justice including First Nations Justice, Disaster Relief, Womxn's education and empowerment and/or community projects. The artist is committed to making these donations as long as sales allow.

Thank you

Jemi Gale photographed by Amy Stuart

Artist Jemi Gale photographed by Amy Stuart